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15For the Large Public Art Celebration of Cross-border Cooperation of Hublot and Artist Xu Zhen, the “eternal life“ existing with “time hourglass”, its design inspiration comes from a Sandglass device measuring time, time flows from top to bottom, from the ancient Chinese hour changes to the western of Arabic numbers in time flowing. The ” art of fusion ” of Hublot watches were shown here as a process of Chinese and western cultural symbol mutual translating and blending with each other.

The “eternal life – time hourglass” is echoing the external life of civilization with time eternity, which has expressed the artist’s philosophical thinking of the time, and the Globalization trend interpretation for the world multielement. the main body, wall clock, pedestal etc. of this large installation art as high as five meters respectively were made in China and Switzerland, across thousands of miles, over a period of months, and finally completed in Beijing 798. This statue will coexist with 798!

The birth process of the “eternal life – time hourglass” is the salute to the east and west watchmakers and artists collaboration, witnessing the artists and craftsmen excelsior preciseness and wisdom. And with the replica hublot uk stepping into the Chinese artistic heartland, Hublot will cooperate with the Chinese contemporary cutting-edge, the most active artists, collectors and art institutions to gather the most potential new strength in the future art circle to share innovation and passion for the arts.

Finally, the greater China area general manager of the Hublot brand Loic Biver respectively gifted the Brazilian World Cup referee timer card of 2014 to Mr Lin Han and Mr Xu Zhen. If you also want to own a Hublot watch to make you unique and attractive, you can make your purchase from China online replica store to get the best cheap replica watches online of your own!

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